Friday, April 29, 2011

facebook account disabled ? :'(

in 2011 .01.03 when i try to log in to my facebook account i saw the login window normally thiz is not the way that it should work coz  i set autologin for facebook, so i got kind of surprise.when i fill the details & press enter thiz showed up !!!
for the first in my life i got really mad @ facebook becoz i did used thiz account since 2007 and the most sad part is i got lost my all facebook friends & pictures.ah and my accomplishments in facebook games(etc-yoville,howzat).so  for like any other question i did google it for solution. so the best solution(actually only solution) that i got is email to the these email addresses with your account information and few sentences how much that you wanted your account reactivated ah! do not write things that piss them off.
unfortunately i got unlucky i guess that facebook 'unlike' me i wish that luck will be with you for ur account.
by some chance if u got unlucky for facebook like me just watch thiz video its really help me for get over from my old facebook account : )
if u have any question feel free to ask : )  


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