Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cool prank online for friend

I bet a lot of us are using Google to find a good prank for April Fools’ Day. Well, here’s a good one which a friend used on me (and I totally got pranked!). I found it very smart, and hence I share it with you.

It’s using a site called Will This Be The Year? (a.k.a Futuramatic, if you want to find it on Google). It was started on New Year 2011, as a campaign for Efes Pilsen.

Just go to the site and follow the instructions. Your friend will believe (unless he’s really smart) that he’s talking to a bot, while he’s actually talking to you! Here are some screenshots to help you better understand the prank.

Pick a friend who uses an IM service, copy the generated link and send it to your friend (you already know that from the site’s instructions).
Now, here is what he saw:

I sure hope you can imagine the situation with the help of the screenshots, so that you can execute the prank with a better success rate.
here is the link to the site
Anyway, happy pranking! 


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