Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To add facebook icon to the desktop

There can be few websites Like : Facebook , Gmail etc. which you keep on visiting most of the times throughout the day.

In this Case It is very useful to Open these websites in a second directly by just clicking on a shortcut of that Particular Website.So everytime you will not have to write the web-address of Websites .

Just Follow the Simple Steps
Step 1. Go to Your Desktop then Right Click on Desktop --> Go to New --> click on Shortcut option.
Step2. Now enter the link of the website which you to visit often (Like : Here and then click the next button.
Step 3. Now Give a Name to the ShortCut icon which will Create for that Website . Like :Here Facebook
and Click on the Finish Button
thats it i hope you enjoy new facebook icon : )   .


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